The Humane Wildlife Control Solutions team is available FREE to non-profit organizations, animal control agencies and humane societies to train their team members and volunteers in the restraint and control of wild animals. Some of the courses offered include:

  • Wild Animal Restraint and Control
  • Wildlife & The Public 101: Teaching Your Constitutents How To Effectively Co-Exist With Wildlife
  • Humane Wildlife Control 101
  • Basic Wildlife Rehabilitation 101
  • Advanced Wildlife Rehabilitation (Species Specific)

We are available to teachers and schools, educational institutions and other agencies on a small honorarium fee-basis. We will work with you to ensure the fee is reasonable and cover the topic(s) you would most like discussed. We also have several native Louisiana wild snakes available to bring along upon request. If you would prefer birds or mammals we encourage you to contact Wings of Hope Wildlife Rehabiltiation Center in Livingston, LA for a presentation that includes their birds of prey and mammals under their educational permit.