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Who Is HWCS?

Our story started in New Orleans, LA. Our founder worked for Audubon Zoo and started rehabilitating wildlife. Long story short, we ended up as the largest nuisance wildlife control company in Southeast Louisiana, largely because of our unrelenting humane standards of treatment and removal for our Wild Neighbors. Today we've become the largest humane nuisance wildlife control company in all of our established markets and expanding to additional markets. 

Why We Do What We Do

We founded our organization on solving wildlife conflict the first time - permanently. That means we guarantee our exclusion work for 10 years. No other company in any of our markets will match that guarantee. And we even give the guarantee if you do the work yourself and just have us remove the wild animal(s).

All of our locations are locally-owned and operated.

We'll beat any competitors price - guaranteed!

Why should I pick your company instead of another operator?

Our Mark of Excellence

There's a reason we're the favorite wildlife removal company in our markets. We charge enough to make a profit and don't price-gouge our customers. We don't have to pay franchise fees and our employees are fairly compensated.

Here are some of the way's we've worked to be the best option for Wildlife Control:

  • ONE LOW PRICE. Flat-rate easy to understand low-cost pricing. And we can quote you for this removal over the phone 24/7. No inspection needed.
  • NO COMMISSIONS. Our team is not commission-based and is paid on a flat-rate per job basis. That's why we can immediately quote you a price over the phone.
  • GUARANTEED TO SOLVE THE PROBLEM. Our services are guaranteed to solve your problem. That means no noise and no activity for at least 7 days before we guarantee you're animal-free.
  • ENTRY POINT FIXES ARE GUARANTEED. Exclusion work to prevent re-entry of animals to your home or business is guaranteed to prevent re-entry for 10 years from the date we install it.
  • UNLIMITED REMOVAL. Once we determine the type of animal that has made it's way into your home, we remove as many as necessary to solve the problem. Our goal is to get them out as fast as possible because the longer your job is open and not solved the less we make on that removal. 
  • SCREENED, LICENSED and INSURED. Our team is background-checked and drug screened both pre-employment and randomly throughout the year. We expect a high level of professionalism and teamwork. Our team is licensed through the appropriate agencies, and fully-insured. In fact, we haven't had to make an actual insurance claim EVER. We're that safe.
  • HUMANE EVERY TIME. Our services are certified humane by the SPCA and Humane Society, and they refer calls to us all the time.
Be very wary of what our competition tells you. They have one goal in mind: to extract the highest per job price to make sure they get the highest commission possible.

  • MOST of our competitors are a franchise. They will say they are locally-owned but are forced to pay franchise fees to a corporate owner out of state. 
  • Their wildlife control operators are COMMISSION BASED. That means they are focused on getting the highest possible price from you to do the work. We have been told by our customers that these companies have billed them thousands of dollars for a simple raccoon removal that should have cost a few hundred. Beware any wild animal removal service that charges more than $400-$600 total for removal. 
  • They charge per-animal for removal. And then they might just go down the street and let the animal loose and it comes right back to your home or business. Demand a flat-rate fee.
  • Most of these companies will say they guarantee their work, but never provide any written guarantee. Demand that they provide you with a written guarantee.
  • They will refuse to provide an estimate over the phone and offer a "free" estimate. This estimate is to "size you up" to see how much they can get away with charging you. Basic removal of a wild animal is something that can be quoted immediately over the phone. Most of these animals enter your home the same way every time and a quote is not needed. The only work that needs an actual estimate is the exclusion work to keep new animals from moving in, and that work can't be done or quoted until the animals are removed because they may cause new damage while they are being removed.

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