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Wildlife Technician Position Description

Are you interested in a wildlife career? Can you humanely handle skunks, possums, snakes and other native wildlife? Do you think you would love working with wildlife?

Would you like to set your own schedule and/or make additional income in your spare time? Are you self-employed and need something to fill time between jobs?

You may be ready to join our specialized humane wildlife control team as a Wildlife Technician!

As a wildlife professional, you need to be ready for just about anything, have the proper tools in hand, and be prepared to go where wildlife goes.

Some of the demands of this job include:
- Extensive work on roofs, in attics and crawl spaces
- Doing alterations on a roof mandates that you are not afraid of heights. Take a look at a two story house and imagine yourself on the roof. Three out of ten people who think they are not afraid of heights are wrong and therefore wasted a lot of time and money thinking this was a career for them.
- Working in confined spaces
- Climbing and lifting tall ladders to reach extreme heights
- Taking care of 1 to 2 dozen clients at a time, including scheduling jobs
- Working with tools and lifting heavy objects
- Working throughout the year in all kinds of weather
- Working occasional evenings and weekends
- Working with "dangerous" animals

The ideal candidate has:

- Customer service skills, including dealing with sometimes difficult clients.
- Minimal handyman skills. The best qualified candidate will have carpentry or home repair experience.
- A vehicle capable of transporting wildlife such as a truck or SUV.
- Basic construction tools and equipment.
- Common Sense.

An outstanding candidate has experience in wildlife removal or control, and/or animal control officer experience with a government municipality. A biology degree may also make you an above average candidate.

The ideal technician will be centrally located in the market they serve or able to reach the market within 30 minutes. You will work as an independent contractor for our company which allows you to set your own schedule. This is an ideal opportunity for a general contractor looking for extra income.

Compensation is a set rate per job and is a substantial income for the right candidate. Please send your resume and cover letter. No calls please! If you are a match, we will contact you.

Current Positions Available

The ideal technician will be centrally located in the Cincinnati Metro area or able to reach Cincinnati within 30 minutes.

Baton Rouge, LA

The ideal technician will be centrally located in the Indianapolis Metro area or able to reach Indianapolis within 30 minutes.
Covington, LA