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Licensed & Insured
Licensed by Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries  Licensed by the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife


The ONLY wildlife removal company with
Board Certified Wildlife Rehabilitators!

At Humane Wildlife Control Solutions, our technicians know the natural history of the animal causing the problem, and take the best action for both the homeowner or business owner and the wild animal every time. No other company in our markets hires International Wildlife Rehabilitation Council Board Certified Wildlife Rehabilitators.

Welcome to Humane Wildlife Control Solutions!

Nuisance Wildlife Control, Excusion and Removal in Louisiana -
We serve the Greater New Orleans and Greater Baton Rouge area!
Including the Florida Parishes and New Orleans Northshore!

We now also serve the Lafayette and Houma area!

Nuisance Wildlife Control, Excusion and Removal in Kentucky -
We are now serving the entire Louisville, KY metro area including parts of Southern Indiana!

Nuisance Wildlife Control in the Fall -  Bird Control & Removal, Opossum Control & Removal, Pigeon Control & Removal, Raccoon Control & Removal, Squirrel Control & Removal.

Nuisance Wildlife Control in the Winter - Bird Removal & Control, Opossum Removal & Control, Pigeon Removal & Control, Raccoon Removal & Control, Squirrel Removal & Control.

Nuisance Wildlife Control in the Spring - Bat Control & Removal, Bird Control & Removal, Pigeon Control & Removal, Skunk Control & Removal, Wasp Control & Removal

Nuisance Wildlife Control in the Summer – Rat Control & Removal, Armadillo Control & Removal, Bat Control & Removal, Bee Control & Removal, Bird Control & Removal, Pigeon Control & Removal, Snake Control & Removal

The Humane Wildlife Control Solutions group is dedicated to solving the human-wildlife conflicts arising in the Greater New Orleans, Greater Baton Rouge and Louisville, KY areas. We provide humane wild animal removal, exclusion and conflict mitigation consulting and field services on a 24/7 basis using the best available humane solutions.


Your safety is the top priority. Our methods for wildlife capture are safe for the environment and your family. We can capture any unwanted creature that intends to invade your home without hurting your property or the creature itself. We are prepared for any situation and we will offer our best efforts to you.

Unwelcome wildlife can cause a large amount of damage to your property and threaten the safety of your home. In many cases, these animals can also spread life threatening diseases. Only a professional can safely and effectively remove any uninvited wildlife from your home.

Training & Board Certification

Our technicians go through a rigorous classroom and field training program prior to being granted the privilege to being an HWCS Wildlife Technician.



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