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To obtain bird removal help call our office 24/7/365 at
(888) 712-2542


Local birds, including but not limited to canadian geese, pigeons and starlings, can cause a host of problems for residential and business properties. It is illegal to kill or harm a bird in any way. Our office can manage the exclusion and removal of these animals safely for both the human and animal. 


Solving the problem without harming the bird

A broad range of techniques are available to deal with nuisance caused by birds. These include:

noise deterrents like recordings of the bird’s own alarm calls or loud bangs

using a scarecrow

using netting or bird-spikes (‘proofing’) to prevent birds landing or accessing areas where they’re known to cause problems

restricting access to food – for example, by cleaning up food spills immediately and keeping rubbish in secure bins

  • Using proofing

  • Proofing can be used effectively with the herring gull. The gulls commonly nest on roof-tops, where their noise and swooping at people can be a nuisance. Proofing the site before the gulls return in spring can prevent this problem from happening again.

Netting and spikes can also be used very effectively to prevent pigeons nesting or roosting.


Not feeding birds in urban areas

Feeding problem wild birds in public urban areas can make the birds expect food from people and can cause swooping. Swooping can scare some people, and large aggressive species like gulls can actually cause injury.


Feeding can also greatly increase populations of birds like waterfowl and pigeons.


To obtain bird removal help call our office 24/7/365 at
(888) 712-2542




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