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Licensed by Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries  Licensed by the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife

Because of our unique business model we are able to charge a small fraction of the prices charged by other wildlife control companies. Humane Wildlife Control Solutions humanely evicts and permanently excludes wild animals from your home or building. Because of the thoroughness of our inspections and exclusion work, Humane Wildlife Control Solutions provides customers with a 10-year guarantee.

Call us today to schedule an inspection of your building. The sooner you call, the faster your problem will be solved!

If you’re shopping around for a wildlife control company, keep these points in mind when comparing prices:

We don’t charge per animal or per hour.
We don’t charge for any unnecessary work. For instance, some of our competitors routinely tell every customer that all of the attic insulation must be removed. This is rarely the case.
We don’t use fear tactics to scare you into paying higher fees. Some of our competitors tell customers that diseases like rabies and parasites such as roundworm can be transmitted through the air in their home.
We don’t use amateur equipment and techniques. If you’re considering hiring a handyman, roofer or other unqualified worker to handle your wildlife problem, please watch this brief video:




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