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Licensed by Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries  Licensed by the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife

To obtain wildlife trapping and removal help call our office 24/7/365 at
(888) 712-2542


Humane Wildlife Control Solutions and our technicians are licensed in both Louisiana, Kentucky and Indiana to provide wild animal trapping and removal services. This includes the cities of New Orleans, Baton Rouge and of course the entire Northshore and Florida Parishes regions in Louisiana; and also includes the cities of Louisville in Kentucky and all of greater Southern Indiana commonly referred to as Kentuckiana. 


Trapping as a control method in many cases is considered a secondary means of wildlife control, and is generally utilized as a last resort by our technicians as a matter of policy. In almost every case (95%) prior to trapping, we are able to humanely evict wild animals and stop the problem using methods that are safe and humane for both the owner of the property and wild animal. These techniques are best practices recommended by national wildlife rehabilitation agencies and humane society/spca organizations, as well as the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries and Kentucky Department of Fish and Game.


In some cases trapping and removal is necessary due to disease and/or an injury to an animal, and in Southest Louisiana we work with licensed wildlife rehabilitators to ensure the animal is rehabilitated and released. In Kentucky our agency is licensed as a wildlife rehabilitation facility and the animal in many cases is directly cared for by an on-staff International Wildlife Rehabilitation Council Certified Wildlife Rehabilitator. 


To obtain wildlife trapping and removal help call our office 24/7/365 at
(888) 712-2542




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