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Licensed by Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries  Licensed by the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife

To obtain wild animal exclusion and removal help call our office 24/7/365 at
(888) 712-2542


Humane Wildlife Control Solutions utilizes exclusion as a primary means of wild animal eviction and removal. Essentially what this means is we properly affix a one way door to the property to allow the animal to leave and not re-enter the property. In the event that a nest is located on the property a nesting box is utilized near the entry point to allow the animal to re-locate the young wild animals to a secondary nesting site usually some distance from the first nesting site. 


Once we are sure the animal is completely gone, we seal up the hole and give a 10 year guarantee that no other animal will utilize the entry point again. In some cases with management approval, we allow the property owner to handle this task and will still issue our 10 year animal free guarantee. 


To obtain wild animal exclusion and removal help call our office 24/7/365 at
(888) 712-2542




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