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Licensed by Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries  Licensed by the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife

As Wildlife Rehabilitators we always have the best interest of the public and wild animal causing the problem in mind. We highly recommend the use of one-way doors and exclusion work to every customer. 


We utilize Tomahawk one-way doors on our job sites. This allows the wild animal to exit your home the same way they came in. Once the animal has left the home, we use heavy wire mesh to close the hole. Our one-way door solutions are inexpensive and guaranteed to work. We have also partnered with a Louisiana licensed, insured and bonded contractor to provide complete end-to-end "damage fix-it" work upon request. This includes removal of soiled insulation and repair of wildlife damaged parts of the home.


The HWCS team gives a 10 year guarantee after exclusion work is completed according to our strict specifications. If any wild animal ever uses any entry point that we have performed exclusion work on we will fix the damage and exclusion work. Guarantee void if our work is modified in any way.


  • We provide a written estimate before starting work.
  • We use only humane exclusion techniques recognized and recommended by wildlife rehabilitators and humane societies. No poisons are ever used.
  • We reunite any orphaned animals, whenever possible, with the parents who will move them to another den site.


  1. Inspection. We perform a complete inspection to identify food sources & all possible entry points.
  2. Eviction. We humanely evict the animal from the dwelling without traps, poisons or relocation.
  3. Exclusion. We block the entry point(s) to the dwelling used by the animal and re-unite any orphaned animals with the parents.




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