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Mysterious Illness Affecting Songbirds In Our
Kentucky & Indiana Markets

Our teams in the Kentucky and Indiana Markets have been receiving multiple complaints of dead or dying songbirds with neurological signs, eye swelling, and crusty discharge around the eyes.

If the bird is still alive, we encourage you to contact a licensed wildlife rehabilitator to get immediate care for the bird.

For a list of Kentucky Rehabilitators, click here. For a list of Indiana Rehabilitators, click here.

If the bird is dead, please click the appropriate button above to report the mortality event to the appropriate agency. 


Numerous biologists with both KYDWR and the Indiana DNR are recommending that you immediately cease using bird feeders and clean them with a 10% bleach solution. Any place that birds congregate or multiple different birds frequent may be a point of transmission for the unknown illness affecting these birds. 

Here are some helpful tips to keep your backyard birds safe:
  • Stop feeding birds until the mortality event has concluded.
  • Clean feeders and baths with a 10% bleach solution, and then once per week thereafter.
  • Avoid handling birds. If you need to handle birds, wear disposable gloves.
  • When removing dead birds, wear disposable gloves and place birds and gloves in a sealable plastic bag to dispose with household trash. As always if you are uncomfortable handling these birds we can respond to dispose of them properly for you but we do charge a fee.
  • Keep pets away from sick or dead birds as a precaution.

Once more information is known we will update this page.